Testicle Cowboys on the UG?

Anyone notice the number of threads riding Randleman's nuts the past couple of weeks? Where were these fans a month ago?

Riding Cro Cops testical express.

computorwarrior is corect. sad but true.

Your only as good as your last fight on here.

I prefer the term "nut flea", but "testicle cowboy" is pretty funny.



"Not everyone is bandwagoner. I was a die hard Cro cop fan and I still am. I don't care if he loses to the LA Giant. I like Mirko.


You have to admit that WOULD suck, though. ;)

I agree though. Mirko was thought to be nearly unstoppable before the Randleman fight and now, suddenly his "weak chin" and "sloppy boxing" has been "exposed".

Should we all still be saying Cro Cop is going to K Kevin TFO???

"Many people may lead stressful or dismal lives. To follow a winning fighter can lift those people out of their hum-drum lives and depression."

Probably so. I also find that alot of those same people "can't wait" to criticize the shit out of other fighters for being workers, or has beens, or never were's, as to also lift themselves up in some odd way. Odd how some will laugh when a fighter (any fighter) is beaten.

I'm not talking about those UG members that have a good observation or an intelligent breakdown and opinion of a fight or fighter. I'm talking about the plethora of assholes that rip the shit out of fighters or the style of a fighter, based on some prejudice or obvious lack of maturity.

Cheering, rooting or favoring one fighter over another is totally cool. That's normal and expected. But tearing up someone for loosing is not.

I've said it before. They're in the ring.

For those that rip them to shreds, Where are you ?


i didnt know kev had so many fans and mirko so many haters til the ug after pride

I fucking couldn't stand the mofo a month ago.

I think he's mad now.... So shoot me. I will always have my faves, but when a fighter manages to pull out a stirring victory sure he'll gain some fans... Isn't this how life works?

I hate how KR has evolved so little as a fighter but I saw some savvy in the ring with Mirko, and yeah I got some respect for KR out of it.