Testing a theory

How about everyone on mma.tv sends me a dollar so I can go see UFC 47?

That's right. For about the cost of a cup of coffee you can send a fan like myself to see the big show.

If you send 1 dollar I will personally take pics and send them to you of me from the time I leave my house till I leave the event.

Heck, I'll even try to get some flies to buzz around me like those african kids.

Whaddya say?

You had me until "african kids".

I think not!

What if I shave my head and claim I have cancer and I'm dying? Would that sway any of you?

Hmmm...maybe I should call Micheal Jackson...

You seem more pathetic than a cancer patient or a starving african kid,you dont need an angle.Ill send you a dollar.




(JK,about you being pathetic AND sending you a dollar)

I know I am pathetic. If I strutted like Donald Trump why would anyone feel like sending me a dollar?

I'm not all classy like some Charles Bronson kinda guy.



I'd like to say that my Mom died recently and always wanted me to go to a UFC. I'd like to say that because maybe you'd all go, "Aw...send the guy little Bobby's college fund Martha..."

However it would be a lie. But I'd still like to go. Does your kid really need to go to college anyway? The world needs ditch diggers too.

I'll tell you what....If you develope a really bad crack addiction for a month or two,put on the most ragged clothes you can find,then show up at my front door with some cold cheeseburgers and say..."I got these cheese burgers!!"...then I will give you a dollar.

p.s.Spend the night at Micheal Jacksons house and Ill throw in an extra 50 cent.

If I had the money to show up at your door with cheeseburgers I could go to UFC 47 now couldn't I?

What if I told you Celine Dion was my mother? What kind of pity would that get me?

"If I had the money to show up at your door with cheeseburgers I could go to UFC 47 now couldn't I?"

Indeed,its almost like you would be better off...EARNING IT YOURSELF:p

"What if I told you Celine Dion was my mother?"

Then I would be the one asking YOU for money.

What is this "earning it" you speak of?


lol...this conversation has been beaten to death,Merry Christmas you bum:)

No it's not...WHERE IS MY DOLLAR?


Fuck it,heres 2....

Thanx man. I knew I could count on you. =)

I am now also accepting air miles.

Any extra money I would donate to charity. Or Dana White.

My current count is 3 dollars and 64 cents, 10 air miles, and a tape of some guy wrestling with his girlfriend nude which I have placed on ebay for sale.

In the true spirit of Christmas, for every dollar someone sends me I will put their name in a raffle for a video of my Golden Retriever lip syncing to House Of Pain's "Jump Around.

Note: He isn't really singing. I just put a wad of peanut butter in his mouth. No animals were hurt during this filming.

Folks...come on, you'll support PBS broadcasting and you won't support me?