Good win, but who is Mr Fartyface???

Manning, apparently in college he farted on some kids face or something as a prank.

While at UT, Manning stuck his bare butt in front of a female trainer. UT settled with the trainer for 300k; Manning settled a defamation suit for undisclosed (source wikipedia).

I remember that.

These last 4 weeks have proven that the Texans never needed to draft Reggie without a shadow of a doubt. Ronnie is running like he's back at Wisconsin!!!

Demeco had his mandatory dominating performance today, Dunta Robinson was manned up on Reggie Wayne all day and held him to 3 catches for 27 yards (a little better than Darrent Williams), unfortunately Petey had to cover Harrison and Starvin Marvin took him to school which isn't all that bad because he does that to pretty much every corner outside of Champ Bailey, SUPER MARIO forced a fumble on the Colts first drive that the Texans offense turned into a touchdown that allowed us to jump out to a 14-0 lead early which allowed us to keep running Ronnie all day long.

Carr didn't make any mistakes either which was huge. He managed the game well and converted a couple key third downs and definately did his part to help the team win today. Unfortunately I think he's worn out his welcome in Houston but I believe that a change of scenery will yield great benefits for him and whoever gets to pick him up. Give him a good o-line and I think he can be a pretty good qb in this league.

But none of this would've mattered today if the Texans didn't just have the ball last :-)

You're welcome Baltimore!!!!

"These last 4 weeks have proven that the Texans never needed to draft Reggie without a shadow of a doubt. Ronnie is running like he's back at Wisconsin!!!"

LMAO, seriously do not put too much stock into Ron Dayne. Remeber it was the Colts he ran on today. And Reggie Wayne usually torches every corner he plays, and yes Dunta Robinson is better than Darrent but lets not like it was some strange feet for Wayne to go off on someone like he did Darrent, he does it just about every week. Seriously thankyou for giving Champ some respect. You are one of the few people willing to do that whether it be on here or anywhere. 17 picks in two years does not lie.

Yes having the ball last to kick a field goal and win helps, hey it was kind of like when the COlts played Denver and they kicked a field goal to win the game 34-31.

If I have said it once I have said it a thousand time Kubiak will get Houston on the right track. I think within a few years they will challenge for the division. I think they are missing a good amount of pieces and once those pieces are in place it takes time to get everything working but they are on their way. They need a completely new offensive line to go with the scheme Kubiak is trying to run, a new defensive line outside Mario, a safety who is a playmaker, a solid everydown TE, a #2 receiver, and just one more solid LB to take some pressure of Ryans. I think they can get a majority of these pieces within the next year and it may take a year or so to get everyone on the same page but they will get it working. I can tell you it takes a while to pick up that offense. The lineman have to be more athletic than huge, and finding a RB who knows how to operate that system is a trick, I mean if Ron Dayne is the best option at this point they need s serious upgrade. I would draft a Marshawn Lynch (though I hope Denver takes him) or a Michael Bush. Then go all lineman.

Does New England have a poor run defense? Because Ronnie put up 18 carries for 94 yards with a touchdown against them. The last 4 weeks he's been playing lights out football, looks alot different than he ever has in the pros. I think the Texans like what they have with our two rookie running backs but they can always upgrade. Its more the line than anything with us.

 Colts needed this win so badly...the fact that they coudln't get it says enough for me to put the SB hopes away for another year (if they weren't already). They need to be at the dome and they need to add about 400lbs to their front 7...plain and simple.

So Govnor, what do you think the Colts will be doing with their first round pick this year?

LOL....IF they don't go after a new D line..there will be a lot of head scratching here in Indy.

Well played to the Texans though, they deserved the win and game planned very well.

I was so happy, we've had a couple close games like that this year but this is the first time this season that we actually pulled it out!!! Turning a corner I tell you!!!