Texans top team in 8th round 2007!


I figure since 303 loves reading draft grades because they are the deciding factor for how good a draft class will be (On field play be damned) that he would enjoy this:

Grading the '8th Round'
By Colin Lindsay, Editor and Publusher, Great Blue North Draft Report
June 1, 2007

It’s an even more inexact science than grading actual draft classes, but according to a somewhat complicated formula brought to you by the same people who created the NFL’s compensatory allocation system, and using our somewhat imperfect rankings of the 2007 draft, Houston had the top undrafted rookie free agent signing class this spring. The Texans signed 6 of the top 50 undrafted rookie free agents this year including #8 (from our list) RB Darius Walker and #20 FB Corry Anderson. The Texans also signed former Boise State QB Jard Zabransky (#24), Oregon State C Enoka Lucas (#25), Ohio State DB Brandon Mitchell (#43), and Wake Forest LB Jon Abbate (#47), along with former Oklahoma State DE Victor DeGrate (#95). In fact, it wasn’t particularly close as the Texans net score based on the formula was almost 50% than any other team.

While Houston tended to run away with the top grade in this year’s undrafted rookie signing derby, the rest of the top ten was rather tightly packed.

Priest Holmes, Antonio Gates, Antonio Pierce, all undrafted FAs, all impact players...

victor degrate is going to be a very good player for you guys...remember that name

Im looking forward to seeing if DeGrate can break into the DL rotation as a pass rushing specialist. If he can pressure the qb then ill be happy!!!