Texas AG admits Trump would’ve lost Texas had they not blocked mail in votes

Voters have to verify their id, quit making it about left vs right. I would still feel this way if 80% of the country we’re conservative. Elections must be legitimate or we will not have a country.

Yeah, I’m aware he’s a dirty Canadian. No offense to other Canadians.

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Except for Russia hacking the election for trump?

@Junnk Thats not voter fraud… that’s election meddling, and it’s proven to have happened. Did you miss the past 4 years?

Mass voter fraud is a myth and has yet to be proven, whereas Russian hackers releasing Hillary’s emails at Donald’s request is something that actually happened. There’s video of trump saying “Russia, if you’re listening…”

lebron james lol GIF by Bleacher Report
Even your boy is laughing at you. He walked head down to the locker room shortly after.

Lol yeah forget the context.notnlike the whole thing at that moment was Hillary’s deleted emails.

As usual you guys make something out to not be what it actually is.

How about that IG report on the gassing of protesters for a photo OP.

Guess you were fooled by the media one more time


Or as Biden would say. Wong.

Auto pandemic mail in voting is over. Until the next plandemic you weasels make up

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You just make shit up. What is it like, being entirely oblivious to facts and just making up what is happening in the world as you move through it?

What was made up?

Yeah, which part are you referring to?

How about a hand print or retina scan