Texas boxing/mma/ moron committee...

Cody "fulltime" Fuller was scheduled to fight Johnny Bedford at the SWC art of war on sat april 3rd..
We completed codys licence form and faxed it to jerri Dix at the tdlr on march 22nd( i have fax conformation) on the same date Jeri Dix emailed the promoter and said " FULLER IS APPROVED" she then sent Trey with swc a email with a list of fighters that needed to get things taken care of... Fuller was not on that list. Yesterday Jeri Dix Told the swc promotion that fuller was eneligble and could not fight.. she said that they didnt recieve his lisence in time and that it was to late for licencing. ????????????? after several people calling and trying to work with the commishion explianing the above mentioned facts.. Jeris final answer is no. After robbing Cody Fuller of his monthly imcome it is decided that Jonny Bedford will still fight! Only now the former college wrestler and pro mma title holder Jonny Bedford
14-8 will not be facing Fuller 10-1 ranked #32 in the world.. He will be instead facing Ryan Webb 1-0 of Texas..
What a magnificent job by Jeri Dix.. not only have you robbed a pro fighter who is qualified to face an oppeonent such as Bedford of his income.. you have put an inexperianced fighter directly in harms way. Who are you pissed off at? you have only harmed the fans, cody fuller, mr,webb and bedford of good legitamate


I have had years of issues with TX boxing commission as a competitor & coach. Although last night they did a good job at the rapture show in spring TX


I met with TKO Boxing promoter Tuan Tran today, cool guy, if some of you want to contact him for boxing info, go to:  http://www.tkoboxingpromotions.com/new/about.php

When Strikeforce came to town, KJ Noons recommended TKO to help them with some marketing.  They've also signed Dat "Be Dat" Nguyen on their roster and have around 20 boxers fighting for their promotion.