Texas Democrats pull worst publicity stunt ever

And just like that vtco disappears from this thread…


So because Trump did something you don’t agree with, that makes them right?

Haha wtf!!


I had to. It’s sad, because he used to troll pretty well and it was entertaining. Makes me wonder if a new person took over the account.

You’re wasting your time. As soon as someone posts the Axelrod screenshot he disappears.


But, but…Trump!!!

Orange-man bad!!


You can’t even admit that this stunt is turning into a massive fail for the Democrats.

Orange-man is still lounging around rent-free in your head…

Most of them, if not all, have been vaccinated.

Which clearly doesnt stop the spread of COVID.

I think they’ve recently said the J&J vaccine does not stop the Delta variant…

It never did.

Besides the countless people who keep testing + for COVID despite having been vaccinated.

Eh… I’m not that worried. I’ve had it twice now and didn’t even notice either time.