Texas GOP floats possibility of seceding from US to reassert its status as independent nation

I can look it up but there was a proposal for post natal abortions. They were talking about it on (edit) Jimmy Dore. The baby would be born and kept comfortable at the hospital. At that point there would be a discussion between the mother and the doctor on what to do with the child. And there is also the argument being made for partial birth abortions.

I’m in favor of keeping Roe vs Wade just like it is and forcing the Dems to codify it into law. No more pussy footing around to use it as a boogeyman to campaign during elections.


That sounds like it is made up.

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I’ll see if I can find it. It’s always a pain in the ass to go back and try to find this crap again though.

I’d ask you to tell me how I’m wrong but I know you can’t so…

Not based in truth, reality or facts anyway.

Here’s a piece on the Dems refusal to codify abortion rights into law.

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While I do think that is what should be done, it still isn’t a fix. You just end up with a state like Texas having a state law that contradicts it, it goes to the Supreme Court, the conservative court rules in favor of the state, then there are no abortion protections.

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It’s a hell of a lot better than allowing Roe vs Wade to be overturned and kicking everything back to the states so they can decide. That’s just a recipe for more division and pushes us closer to civil war.

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Dude, don’t be nutpicking. If you don’t know what that is, it’s when you find the most extreme, stupid thing that someone in the other party does or proposes and then say that everyone in the party supports that.

Is like to see the source for that, what it actually says and who proposed it

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I don’t see how the end result there is any different. It is the same end goal, just with more steps to get there. And each of those steps will have a right to go with it.

I still think it should be done because it is the right thing to do, but it definitely wouldn’t lessen division.

It would also require having to kill the filibuster and require Democrats to have balls ever.

I remember now. It was a three debate between a pro abortion leftist and Tim Pool who is actually for Roe vs Wade but with exceptions. They were pulling up sources during the debate on both sides. It was actually really good and both made good points but IMHO the leftist wanted to go way too far. But I don’t have a paid membership and can’t pull up the entire video to scroll through and find what sources they were putting on the screen. So just forget about it.

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It’s all good, but I’m sure that you will agree that most people who support some level of abortion rights aren’t in favor of neo natal abortions

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lol later texas.

im in newport beach california.

I look forward to cali, oregon, washington leaving also.

we have more gdp than 10 red states combined.

we have every port on the west coast.

we have more military bases and equipment in california than the closest 2 states combined.

I know I know you dont have water… lol we do we have plenty of water and with the ports and a new interstate tariff what we will have is so much money lol. with that we can build desalination plants and also buy water or “trade” for it for goods and imports to pass through our awesome state.

also we can send anyone not born in this state home.

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I agree. But the squeeky wheel gets the grease. And there is a trend going on in the country. Whatever one side proposes, the other side proposes something further to the left or right as a counter. Extrapolating the trend five years in the future I could see post natal abortions being something more widely accepted and argued for.

Ten years ago the idea of child drag shows would have been comically inappropriate to any sane Democrat. Not so much now. So I can’t even imagine where we will be in ten years from now.

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It’s already flooded with worthless pieces of shit that are more accurately defined as a virus than human beings. They destroy their home state, move to another, infect everything possible. Rinse and repeat!

Texas is already fucked and it doesn’t realise it. More political BS cannot see the forest for the trees.

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Sadly, there is some truth to this

“US military installations in Texas contributed $123.6 billion to the Texas economy in 2019 and directly employed more than 225,000 people. Those installations are part of the fabric of our communities and are crucial to local and regional economies.”

they lose this money day one.


Lol, no shit. At least those would probably vote red.

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Politicians, both left and right, won’t give up their power that easily. Seceding will resolve much of the left vs right conflict, and without conflict among the ruled, the rulers have less influence. Politicians, both left and right, will never allow it. It will require nothing short of a revolution to obtain secession.

This is nothing but a publicity stunt, like the ones the left put up when they submit “abortion at all stages” laws for voting just to tell their potential voters to vote for them even though they have zero chance of passing.

When we moved here we brought 4 red votes with us.
When we talk to fellow transplants, we often wink and nod at why we came here as well.

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We would welcome you with open arms, fren! The rest of these faggots will need a passport and their voter registry.