Texas GOP floats possibility of seceding from US to reassert its status as independent nation

OP, instead of STEALING the article from my thread you could have just posted there

Texas will stay red for a long time. The most Democratic district (something like 98% Hispanic) in Texas flipped recently. This demographic has seen how the democrats want to break up their families, lied to them, had their communities destroyed by an open border, etc.

If the left lost the Hispanic vote, they are done for decades.

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well your 30 post image spam lacking any evidence regarding what was asked in the other thread, btw most of which all linked back to the same source lol

and in this case on this thread you are clearly wrong, you have been told how several times, its not really something that can be debated but you just say “nope”. umm ok?

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If you would just accept his extremist neo-Confederate political philosophy as being self-evidently and inarguably true, he wouldn’t have to spam.


Certainly, and my point is that the right to secede depends wholly on the ability to defend your secession, not the opinion of some guy somewhere. America pulled it off in the Revolutionary War but the south got dummy’d and now they have to do their own chores.

usually when people ask does a state have the “right” to secede they dont mean does that state have the right to go to war to secede, they mean do they have the legal right to secede and declare sovereignty.

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Everything is legal if the cops can’t stop you.