Texas Hippie Coalition

I have no idea why it took so long to discover these guys. I’m liking it!

Anyone know any more good songs by thc with this kind of sound / beat?

Pissed off and mad about it was a a fun song back in the day

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Moonshine is a decent song. Cant really get into their entire catalog but they have a few good ones.

Exactly came to say that! Haha!

Massive front singer stomping his leg… Epic!

Thanks, I’ll look these up as soon as I watch MacGyver lol.

Anyone got anything else?

did a 16 y.o. pen that first song?

Teh OG has turned me on to several great artists. This doesn’t make that list, but I appreciate the effort.

they didn’t particularly age very well, but I enjoyed a couple of their songs back in the day