Texas Lifts Mask Mandate 3 Weeks Ago! COVID Cases Lowest Since June!

no offence Mat… but we don’t know is NOT good enough when you decide to cripple peoples livelihood by shuttering commerce.

we Don’t know is not good enough to walk all over our charter of rights and freedoms.

We dont know is not good enough to add $B to our national debt.

i know it’s your profession… but mistakes were made and they are still being made!

politicians and the Dr’s in charge need to be held accountable ( with their gov jobs and titles )

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are you replying to me?

the fuck you trying to say son?

Get it out… or are you just typing

If you cant type out a thought so people can read and comprehend it… its the writers fault.

maybe take an online english writing class Pundit. I’m sure you have the time. CRB is taking care of the rest.

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None taken. But I don’t think you got my point. Who said mistakes weren’t made?

“We don’t know” is an honest and transparent statement. That’s being accountable. Making stuff up isn’t. The level of certainty needs to be stated more often.

For example:
-We’re pretty sure corticosteroids save lives (Moderate level of evidence)
-We are absolutely certain COVID is more contagious than the flu (High level of evidence)
-We don’t know how long vaccines will offer immunity (Low level of evidence).

I have no problems with an agency that reverses a recommendation when new and better data becomes available. We did this with plenty of COVID therapeutics.

We need to make decisions despite uncertainties, that’s expected. This doesn’t equate to giving a free pass on policy. I’m against making extremely committal decisions (especially those that have massive implications) when the data is uncertain. If I want to try a new drug on a patient, I have a responsibility to tell them about the risk-benefit balance. I don’t have the responsibility to just give it with no such consideration.

Health officials made and continue to make STUPID decisions, based on uncertain data. They should be held accountable for this. I never condoned lockdowns or excessive restrictions, aside from last March-May.


Try to focus on the key words ‘reading comprehension’

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