Texas man arrested for allegedly planning mass shooting at Walmart: Police

A face only his mother could love

Complete worthless trash, execute him and move on. Damn, and to think if he were black we would want to praise him and have commenrstive concerts for him. Smh!


You have one bizarre sense of reality

Bravo. Good thing they didn’t defund those police.


Why? The Security did a much better job. And no one was shot or suffocated to death.

How was a private citizens message “intercepted”?

Sounds like this guy is one of these people who are obsessed with politics.

More obsessed than OP?

And yet you haven’t denounced the would be murderer. Interesting.

My gawd. The concentrated THC…

I wouldn’t mind your sorry attention seeking ass being suffocated to death.

Yo MPA! Sorry for the confusion. Of course I am against would be murderers. I guess I just assumed you would understand that Im not for mass shooters.

I was just curious about exactly how he got caught. And wanted to point out that these crazed political looneys are all nutso!

Hope you’re having a great holiday my man!

It wouldn’t matter. I’d still be better than you while being eating by the worms, soy boy.

No I was talking to that Franklinneverwhines guy. Did it show me responding to you?

No that was my mistake. I didnt realize that he commented directly after me. I just saw your post and thought you were talking to me.

My mistake. Have a nice day!