Texas Man Plotted To Carry Out Mass Shooting At Walmart

Texas Man Plotted To Carry Out Mass Shooting At Walmart: Sheriff


Trump’s handpicked FBI director Christopher Wray has warned that the biggest terrorism threat we face as a nation, is from homegrown white supremacists, white nationalist terrorist.

There’s a common denominator to these types of incidence. I wonder what that might be?

This guy sounds vaguely familiar to members that I have encountered on this forum. Is this guy a member of this forum? Inquiring minds would like to know.

Even with all the mass shootings, white Police Officer’s killing a person of color it will never be remotely close to the homicides within inner cities that happen every single day that never gets mentioned on a National level. With that said someone who commits these mass shootings is a coward imo, its all fun and games until someone starts shooting back, these folks are jackwagons!

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These mass shootings are much bigger problem than Blacks on Black killings within the inner cities of Chicago and elsewhere. Those usually happen in the housing projects. If you don’t live there or happen to get yourself and your family out of there, you will not become a victim. These mass shootings, usually perpetrated by white males, can happen in any city, even in the most affluent neighborhood. There is no way to shield yourself from it or avoid it.

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This mantra about the ‘msm is silent’ on certain things is such a weird lie. Strangest whataboutism that doesn’t actually exist