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I just got a new job working with badass cars. My uncle just built a new race center, Houston Motorsports Park, in north Houston. I started yesterday working at the dragstrip. It was awesome! Yesterday, I saw 90 mph quads, street legal bikes, drag bikes, junior drags, pro cars, vettes, as well as a POS Ford Taurus. The strip is 1/8 mile with top NHRA acclaims. The oval is 3/8 mile NASCAR certified.I will be working Thurs-Sundays almost every weekend. The strip is open to all cars. If anyone is interested in bringing their ride, or wants to check it let me know.DragstripAction.com(forum)

I live IN Baytown, about 10 minutes from HRP - so that is typically where I go.

Your place is the one inside the Beltway, between Hwy 90 and Hwy 59, right? I'd be interested in coming up sometime.


Lee, my old screenname was ashtray. I have chatted with you via email & you worked with my dad. Let me know if you are interested in coming out this weekend, if it does not rain.

Eric?? Did you graduate? Interested in coming out next Monday night to be my "ringer" for a church volleyball game??? :-)

What is the schedule this weekend? Is it bracket racing, or "street racing"? I'm working the "day" shift, but might be able to swing out in the afternoon for a bit. [edit: duh! I clicked on the link, and got the schedule info]


Lee, we had bracket racing on Sunday, but Saturday will be open to test & tune, grudge match, etc. The bracket racing pays out pretty well.

We will start racing around 10am till about 9-10pm or so, depending on interest. I would wait till it cools down anyway for the better times. What kind of car do you run?

And, I am out of volleyball for a while. I shattered & dislocated my middle finger on a block in our alumni vs students last game. Maybe by the middle to end of summer we can work some things out, lol. I am out of school(finally) and back in Houston looking for jobs.


I've got a '67 Firebird (check out Jonwells' thread about selling his Camaro) that run's high-11's (mid-7's in 1/8)in street trim.

I've also got an '03 Mach 1 that runs high-12's.

Congrats on graduating, and that SUCKS about your finger! I fractured a pinky toe early last yeat in a Jiu Jitsu class, and I was pretty much useless for nearly 2 months.

Ya'll should definitely come out. It is a blast.

The strip is test & tune and grudge matches on Thursday night, Friday night, and all day Saturday & Sunday every week. I am not sure if we will have it this week due to the constant rain in Houston. I will let ya'll know when I find out for sure. So far, it looks as if Saturday will be a good weather day. This is the day I recommend coming out. It is like an auto show with serious racing.

Sweet cars, Lee, you should bring them both out and take a few races.

July 3rd, Mitch King and as well as other drivers are bring down some nitro-methane cars attempting to break the world record in the 1/8 mile. It will be a crazy night.

From Pearland: North on beltway 8 over the bridge turn right on North Lake Houston Parkway & follow the signs.

good times,

Thursday Nights 

Sports Compacts

Imports - Domestics - Sport Trucks - Sport Bikes
Unlimited Runs, Instant Green Starts (for the street race feel).

Test-N-Tune and Grudge Matches

Music all Night, Plenty of Room to Pop Hoods and Open Doors

Gates Open 6:00 pm
Racing 'Til ??????

Stop Paying For Traffic Tickets - Start Paying For Performance Parts!!

*Cire note:  Thursday is a good day to run.  Less crowded and a wide variety of cars from 5.1 sec 138mph 1/8 mile monsters to everyday unmodded POS. 

Friday Nights (Street Racing)

Test-N-Tune and Grudge Matches

Gates Open 5:00 pm
Racing 'Til ?????

*Great day to race or watch.  Tons of superfast cars.  A good show and cool. 

Saturdays - Gates Open 4:00 noon Racing 'Til ??????

Test-N-Tune and Grudge Matches

*The best day to watch. Huge variety of cars from all over the nation.

Sundays - Gates Open 3:00 pm Racing 'Til ??????
Test-N-Tune and Grudge Matches
*Good day to watch, can be crowded to race.


Will you be out there tonight? Right now, it looks like the weather might hold out. My wife has been wanting to learn how to race, and I might be able to talk her into going tonight and driving the Mach.

Lee, we will be racing tonight. I will be working the gate, and I can get you & your wife in for free tonight. Just ask for me. I won't be able to see to much racing till the last hour of the night.

If any other MotorGrounder wants to come, leave a post.


Never mind. Plans changed on my end, and we won't be able to make it tonight.

sometime soon, though...

Cool we will do it again sometime.

Lee, you missed a good night. We only had about 30 cars show. Lots and lots of runs for the racers.

We had a truck pull a 5.1 sec at 138mph 1/8 mile tonight. He tried to break into the 4's at the end of the night with a double spray of nitrous, but lost control after 100ft and tapped the wall.

Come out tommorrow night if you can, it will be rocking. I worked the time cards tonight, but if you(or anyone) are interested, I will put your name on the guest list.



Send me your e-mail, if you don't mind. I have the old SWT one, but I doubt that still works!

I'm at: 67bird@symet.net



You still around?? I made it out there last night, for the first time. I ran for the #8 spot in the Clobberthon. Made the final round. It got so damned cold, I think I had brain freeze and cut the worst light I've had in a LONG time - lost by about .05.

I still got $100 for my efforts.


What's up Lee,

Sorry to here about you loss, but it sounds as if you did really well.

I have not been out to the track in a while. My uncle is leasing it to a former professional driver named Graham Baker(Australia).

If you go out there again, let me know. Shoot me an email on the old account.


thats only about 17 miles from whre i will be goin to school in july. unfortunately i wont have my dart. but i will still come out there. sound sllike a lot of fun.

Shoot me an mma.tv email when you want to come down.

Goin' there to watch the nationals next week.