Texas OG’ers

@Kimbos_Lice Did you ever have a profile on mmalinker with that sn?

I live in a Hurst, between D and FW. Been in Texas for about 12 years, and it’s getting a little full. Been on a few out of state interviews. Could use a change of scenery.


Nice spread. I’m very familiar with Crosby. We used to ATV off road there and was a cool crawfish place there.

Austin area

The Crawfish Shack? Two houses behind mine is where the owner lives - very cool guy!

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I don’t know what mmalinker is, but I also have the same handle over @ themmacommunity.

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Austin area but from Dallas.

Yeah, I think it was Crawfish Shack.There was another cool resturant- bar called Johnneys.

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