Texas shooting (graphic)

Does the OG believe this is murder or self defense?

  • Murder
  • Self defense

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I see this as murder. The little pussy was looking for a reason to shoot


Charges will be filed… The mother (whore-gf of the pussy with the shotgun) was in defiance of a judges order regarding the kids already. That’s what led to the confrontation.

Beyond that, when the victim slung the dude away he didn’t move toward him which makes the idea of self-defense almost laughable. That the killer looked really fucking calm after the shot looks like it was intentional murder… Victims of circumstance who are forced to kill in defense of their lives don’t act nonchalant about it in the aftermath.

Regardless, those poor kids will hate their mother forever.


Don’t say you’re gonna shoot someone with their gun, then try to take their gun, pretty fucking simple.


The whole thing was strange almost like a set up by his ex. Fucked up.


Rekieta Law on Youtube is doing an analysis of the shooting.


whatever it is determined to be… it is brutal for the child


RIP so pointless

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Culture of peace.


Never heard of this channel before, but this guys is a good listen. Thanks for the heads up.

Lovin it aren’t ya…faggot… white guy kills a white guy… Now do poc’s… or pos’s…

Pressed self defense and it did nothing so pressed murder and it counted the vote.

Fuck this stolen election

Shooter is a pussy so had to run for his gun instead of dealing with that shit like a man.


This is the wife.

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Reminds me of the rednecks with guns hassling a couple about there they’re dumping trash. Wife says “you’re not gonna shoot my husband” immediately followed by her husband being shot to death.

Walk the fuck away. It’s not hard.

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Shooter is a pussy so had to run for his gun instead of dealing with that shit like a man.


Shooter is a pussy so had to run for his gun instead of dealing with that shit like a man.


Two complete fucking idiots. That being said, I think the law is on the home owners side, eventhough I wouldnt be surprised if he got manslaughter.

Why do we need multiple threads for this?

Other than the fact that the OP is an attention starved retard….

Man, I don’t think so.

  1. The guy is on someone elses property and was repeatedly asked to leave.
  2. He was much, much bigger than the home owner. Homeowner could reasonably feel threatened.
  3. He asked him to leave multiple times, even when the gun was put into play. He did not fire the warning shot until the other guy got even more aggressive.
  4. He did not shoot him until he tried to take the firearm away.

So, I do not think it is clear cut murder, but it could defnitely be manslaughter or some other “reckless” charge.

That being said, theyre both idiots, theyre both in the wrong, and now the kid is going to have a fucked up life knowing his dad was killed by his step dad, and his mom was a trifling bitch.