Texas Submission Challenge MAY 29T






The following are all people I have recieved e-mails from or that Kenny has spoken to stating that they plan to take part.
I have spoke with Phil Cardella and he is considering taking part and may bringing Daniel Moraes with him. Not a sure thing yet but would be great to see these two talented fighters taking part.

Andrew Chappelle has also exspresed an interest in taking part, along with Buddy Clinton and Travis lutter.

Also watch for Sean Bansfield, Purple Belt, under Saulo and Alexandre Ribeiro. 2003 Saulo Ribeiro JJ Championships Gold Medalist Purple Belt 2003 Grapplers Quest Copa Atlantica (6/2003) Silver Medalist Absolute Purple Belt 2003 Int'l Gracie Fed. Silver Medalist Purple Belt

2003 Dale Earnhadt Jr Classic Silver Medalist Purple Belt

2002 Relson Gold Medalist Purple Belt 2001 Pan Also Look for Danny Ives: Pan Am Gold Medalist in BJJ @ Purple Belt 12x Naga Champion Grapplers Quest Champion 3x Copa Atlantic Champion

Mike Ciesnolevicz: Team MFS Professional MMA Fighter Bama 20 Shootfighting Champion Reality Fighting 5 Champion Philadelphia Grappling Superfight Champion Renzo Gracie Albany Combat Challenge Champion Frank Shamrock Ironman Champion 2x Chambersburg King of the Mat Champion 24-4 in No Gi Advanced Divisions Grappling including NAGA/Grapplers Quest Former D-1 Wrestler....

and Dave Phillips who has trained with Chute box in brazil and taken part in several NHB events.

Again these people have said they plan to take part however they have not PRE-REGISTERED yet so I dont call them confirmed.

Diego Saraiva LA BOXING - ATLANTA Is looking to come to the Lone Star State.


I have heard some great stuff about him look forward to seeing him show his stuff.

Would be cool to see this guy against Daniel Moraes

Both are great competitors and it would be a great match dont know if they are in the same weight class though.

I think they would be, Diego fights at like 155 160 right? That would put them both in the light weight class.

It would be great to see a lot of Texas' good purples and browns in this event. I'd love to see an event with guys like Buddy Clinton, the Ebarb brothers, Travis Tooke (well I guess he'll still be in Brazil), Chappelle, Cardella, and so on.


Arc, I am waiting for a reply from Phil as to if he is still planing to attend. But I dont want people to think this is soely a promote TEXAS guys event We would love to see the best from all the surrounding states as well, help to dispell the idea that all the top guys are in the NE and west coast!

"We would love to see the best from all the surrounding states as well, help to dispell the idea that all the top guys are in the NE and west coast!"

ttt for Popeye stirring the pot!


ps...we'll be there.


look forward to seeing you there Alvis. Will you be at the smack down on sat? I will be there handing out flyers for our event.

We have another BB that is interested in comming down

Awsome! bring him on. Phil Cardella said he is still planing to attend but Daniel Moraes may not be in Texas at the time.


This sounds like a premiere event!

Kenny/Doug - Not sure if you know, but I talked with Yousef last night and he's considering taking part...

So his knee must be doing a bit better now?