Texas…we’re baaaaaaaaack!



I figured this was about getting power back after rejecting the national grid.

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Dems going to take Gov in texas and Florida. Love it.

Beto baby! “I f’n love you guys”

You’re a shitty troll. Try harder


when he said he was coming for your ARs, he lost any shot he ever had at winning in texas.


Dems can’t win any elections fair and square. If not for cheating we’d have a large majority conservative government. If he wins it will not be legitimate but it also wouldn’t surprise me to see the Biden Whitehouse get involved in fraudulently installing dems in Texas and Florida. They are exceptionally brazen after getting away with the election fraud.


your trolling is so weak in every post you make.

As a future Texan, I say:
Fuck Beto, or Robert Francis. Whatever you want to call him.

I thought beto would be back in jail by now

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I guess I’ll be voting in the Democratic primary, so that I can vote against him from getting the nomination.

Democrats are such dipshits. They would have a legit chance if they ran someone who wasn’t a lunatic. Instead they choose to run the skinny nerd who is on record as saying he wants to take our guns. This is in Texas, where people value gun rights almost above everything else. He has zero chance.

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Texas is becoming more and more blue, and it’s horrifying

Because more and more assholes from CA and NY are moving to Texas. Also, all the mexicants always vote blue. Texas is fucked. Be prepared for open borders and WOKE ideology.

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We’re baaaaaaaaack!

Hey I know, we live in a shithole so why don’t we move to a nice place turn it into a shithole just like we came from?

-New Yawkas

They have no self-awareness or it’s part of their plan or both