Textbook Tomoenage (Sacrifice Throw)

Takeshi Sasaki(-81kg) shows how the tomoenage and the following transition should be executed.


Hirotaka Kato has always been one of the best at this throw, too.

Natsumi Tsunoda wins by tomoe constantly. She changed weight classes recently.(48kg→52kg)

Tsunoda persistent at tomoenage. She eventually gets it, most of the time.

Katsuhiko Kashiwazaki gives his “last” judo clinic at International Budo University.
He says he cannot move as smoothly as before because of his age. He shows his signature tomoenage and other stuff some of you may enjoy.

Randori sucks balls when you’re opponent is great at sacrifice throws.

I was wrong about Tsunoda moving up in weight. She actually switched to -48kg. Pound for pound she is one of the best balanced judoka.


Great post. Fucking love Judo.

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I love this throw through I don’t like it as a Yoko, which most guys do. The trick for it is full commitment and getting under the opponent.

Natsumi Tsunoda won the Worlds again(twice in a row).

She beat all of her opponents via ippon.
Her tomoenage/jujigatame combo is impeccable.

Courtesy of YouTube channel Non-stop Newaza.

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Very cool

Natsumi Tsunoda won the 2023 worlds at Doha with impeccable techniques.
Her opponents know what’s coming, but they get thrown. And once they go to the ground, they get submitted.

Her transitions are good.