Seriously, TF?


common tat man!

Post the fuckin' pics already!

common man!

Aight, here's the pic of the tat I've been debating getting for over a year...

hey tat man!!!!!!!!

come out of hiding man!

Holy crap, I've never been busier in my entire I seriously need 2 more artists in here.

Here's some recent pics btw...

This dude tried to hit on me after I did these tattoos...crazy gay...

Not the greatest pics, fresh tats are hard to get good pics of sometimes.

You touched my g/f bewbie...

Yesss...yes I did.

And she loved it!!


HOLY SHIT..i recognize Yuki's arm...

T I M had to be careful cuz the needle kept poking through the other side of my arm


what did Mrs Yuki get??

there is no 'Mrs', but if you mean my g/f, she got hers redone.

looks a hell of a lot better than it did

I just got permisson to post her bewbie tat.

I'll do it later

"there is no 'Mrs', but if you mean my g/f, she got hers redone."

you know what the fuck i meant....


YAY tats!!!!

Mario's going to do some more work on me! YAY