TFS has new letter published...

I have been informed by my buddy Iron Mike on The History Channel site that the new issue of MILITARY HISTORY is out, and my letter concerning an article on Cortez from a previous issue is in it!I would like to thank whomever it was here on the History Forum, who first pointed out the article in question, which claimed that Cortez's troops utilized the tercio, which the author described as a "sword-and-buckler formation" (he was wrong on both counts, btw). I'm sorry--but I simply forgot who it was here. If you hadn't mentioned it, I would never have seen that article in the first place.Thanks Again,TFS



Thanks, folks.

Whoever it was who mentioned the article to me, I would appreciate it if you identified yourself (again). I feel like an ass, and I can't even remember what thread it was on.


I believe that I posted that thread. Glad to be of some small service.

link? or post the letter here.

Nice going. Always gratifying to see oneself in print.

Well done my son.

Write an article!! Just write it and submit it! You more more than qualified!

Just do it!



Thanks, dudes!

I'll post both my original letter and the version that actually made it into print...