thacker not canadian

If thacker was a Canadian he would of atleast drank leban under the table!!!

true, true

judging by his teeth I would say must be british.

Or from Massey right Pete?????

come on guys leave old "Strange Brew" alone!

take off Brian

Jamie, u gonna b at tko?

Yes Sir BB2.. are you going? Its going to be a great night. I will be translating for you boys...

Those aren't teeth....they're teef.

He's Strange Brew!!

He's eliminated is what he is.

Didn't break my heart.

LOL @ Tompkins!!! If he was from Massey he could fight and drink any fool under the table.


i feel sorry for that guy, for one reason, he had an experience of a lifetime there, and he was going to up and quit. He didnt represent Canada MMA well but that doesnt mean he needs to be punished on here forever on that either. We will get our chance again.