Thai Boxing in Rochester/Syracuse

I am spending 4 days with my girlfriend in a little town stuck between rochester and syracuse New York State

does anyone know of any Thai Boxing, Boxing, or K1 karate style gym for me to drop in.

I have a fight on April 25, 2004

An I want to stay warm. I am just coming off an injure so I need to train hard again

email me

Wally MacDonald'd Gym in Rochester:

Mong, Same place as our Judo/Sambo club.

Thursdays 7:30-9pm, Sat 3-4:30 (right after Judo/Sambo) and San-shou on Sun 12nonn-2pm.


Hi Chris,
How is it going?

Thanks for the info
unfortunely I am leaving on Thursday morning.

Is there thai boxing/boxing after judo class? If there is I might come by


No the only day that they are back to back is saturdays.

Wally teaches boxing and k-1 style kicboxing, we do have an asst. coach that trained thai while in japan for a few years. But his schedule is hit and miss.

Unfortnaly we won'd have another boxing/kickboxing work out this week until thursday.