Thai Boxing on PPV


so many excellent Ontario fighters on that card!

I was training with Oliver today, he's got 6 more tough pounds to shed but he'll make it and I'm sure he'll represent like the true warrior he is.

Good luck to your boys: Samir, Shane & Dave

Thank you Marco, same to Oliver good luck, he is an awsome fighter

here is the event poster

^ I hear you might be getting my little cousin, Mike, a fight next month. I'll be there for sure to support.

Good fight boys!!!

Yes Marco, I will have Mike fight his first fight and I will be happy to have you at my show

Too early for results???

I think the fights are tonight

we won all 4 fights tonigt.Thank you all the people that realy love our sport for all your support, for the people that show us no respect keep hating, we keep HITING HARDER AND HARDER!!!

congrats alin!!!

awesome job samir!!!

Iron Tiger is amazing, congrats!

ttt huge wins for everyone especially shane.. ttt

and lets not forget dave hale the kids a killer and is moving up quick