Thai Pads

I'm looking into buying a decent set of thai pads not anything spectacular, but just a decent set that won't split or fall apart. I have a freestanding thai bag, but I'm getting bored of it. I know Fairtex sells them, and I think Aries and Ringside sell them. I'm looking to spend maybe $70 or so for them. Anyone know of any other companies that might have them? Thanks


You can buy them from ringside for like $45 or fairtex for $99

thanks for the info

The fairtex pads are really nice to use but you could save a few bucks by ordering from twins. Go with twins and then you can use the extra money you save for booze, hookers, strip clubs etc.



by far best pads are thaismai..

if you are going to spend the fairtex money ($90) then has a better product.

thanks. I appreciate all the info