Thai pads

What are some good thai pads? being the best buy for price and quality, thanks.

Personally I think the Windy Thai Pads (Standard) are the best ones out there.  CSI are also good.


of course those are the ones you like ; )

These are the current favorites at my club...

I order from Fairtex monthly and I have it immediately. They also sponsor my fights. Good Quality at a fair price.

they aren't my favorite  because they are the ones I sell.  They are also the ones we use at my school. Windy has been around for a long time and make high quality equipment.  The Windy thai pads are very still.  If you are just starting out be careful that you don't hit the pads with your foot.  Fairtex equipment is great too.  I have seen some of the cheaper thai pads fall apart. 

I got some fairtex ones direct from the factory and they're pretty sweet. Not too hard, not too soft... but just right