Thank from the UGC

It was another great night of fights last night at the Medely.

First of all i would like to thank a new partner in the UGC,which is the Showdown Gang.I would like to thank the fans and all the fighter.

Now to get some shit straight here.The ref early stoppage i agree 100%.I will be talking to the commishoner about this new ref.He stops the fights way to soon and is a really action killer.This ref needs to take after his co-worker Yves Lavaigne Who is the head ref and a true leader and example inside the ring.

For rematch of Brain vs Fritz.I don`t believe that will happen any time soon.Fritz now has to entertain offers that he has received from other mma Orginization all out of Quebec.We will be looking at those offers soon.

As for Yves Jabouin.I will see with him what his next options are.I`m interested to see him vs Marin but am more interested to see Yves vs Blake or vs Kultar.I do beleive Yves is the best in the Country right now at 155lbs.He does wonna fight Homminick and will drop to 145 only for that fight.

Our next show would be sometime in late May and i would like to have a LHW tourny.I will be concertrating quit a bit of time on Ivan Manjivar.And also working a deal to bring to veterans back to fight after a long rest.

Thanks is nice but how about next time we get a motel that's not in a ghetto and infested with cockroaches?

so fritz is gonna mis his own organizations next event !? BULLSHIT , and i said fight for FREE Liv he gets my purse .if he feels he really won ,and is gonna get twice the money ever single fighter out there would take the fight !

Jabouin-Hominick would be cool as shit, but I'd rather see Jabouin have a rematch with Claveau first (Also Nancoo, but I assume Nancoo will be fighting at 132 or so since Shooto Canada is now emerging).

I do feel you should make the Jabouin-Marin fight. They're both exciting fighters.....It would be an excellent match-up, and good for the fans.

how 'bout jabouin versus bocek? but then again, i doubt yves would take that fight.

I really like Bocek, but Jabouin showed some real MMA
grit on Saturday turning away all of Chad's attacks
and mounting quite a few of his own.

Bocek is definitely ahead in the submission category
but don't count Jaboin's hand power out.

Another fight I'd like to see is Jabouin vs Ryan Diaz, since Diaz recently beat Claveau.

The thing is, Yves had no grappling when he fought Claveau and did well. Now he's training with Firass Zahabi and the grappling is there believe me. No doubt in my mind that Jabouin would wreck Claveau now.

"Another fight I'd like to see is Jabouin vs Ryan Diaz, since Diaz recently beat Claveau."

Please note that Diaz just beat Ackerman - who is a world class MMA athlete - an athlete who is very slippery and difficult to beat! I would be surprised to see Diaz take a fight against Jabouin. This may sound a tad harsh but one would certainly expect Jabouin to beat Claveau.

This weight might not be good for Diaz either. 155 might be too heavy.

IMO, Diaz is at the top of the pile right now around 135 - 145 assuming Monkey is not fighting. Thus I could certainly see Diaz fighting the TKO Champion, Mr. Hominick. Antonio Carvello is a guy that is building quite the record and should have something to say about all of this in a short period of time.

At 155 pounds, surely there are people who could credibly face Jabouin. We are talking about MMA here. Loaf, Bocek, or Gill would be more than equal to the task I suspect. Jabouin is dangerous, for sure. In spite of his win against Chad, to suggest that Jabouin is the best at 155 lbs however does not ring true to me.

"IMO, Diaz is at the top of the pile right now around 135 - 145 assuming Monkey is not fighting. Thus I could certainly see Diaz fighting the TKO Champion, Mr. Hominick."

For the Canadian scene he's definitely one of the top guys at that weight range, but didn't Diaz already lose to Hominick?

The top guy at 145 is by far Ivan Menjivar, in my opinion. Behind him would be Hominick, Diaz, Carvalho, etc....

Daimon Hellstrom,

Yes, it actually slipped my mind that Hominick already beat Diaz. Yikes! I have to admit that in view of Diaz's win over Ackerman, Mark's skill is underscored. To beat the guy who beat Ackerman is seriously impressive.

It looks like, perhaps, Menjivar and the Machine have some business to attend to.

Jabouin is a 155er for sure now, except in extreme cases from what I've gathered.

I think Yves should fight Blake or Loaf next, depending on either one of them actually wanting the bout.

A match with Blake would come down to whom has the striking edge. Fredrickson definitely has the reach and size, a great sprawl, very smart and doesnt normally get tagged.... Yves would come to fight for sure, this would be a cool bout no less.

Loaf on the other hand has a style that could very much stress Yves. Super strong, with some great, powerful takedowns could give Yves some trouble, he'd have to be VERY fast on his feet and sprawl and brawl, use angles, etc.

After Yves win, his natural progression, on the Canadian scene anyway, must deal with very solid contenders such as Fredrickson, Bruckmann, Gill... I also think a fight against Brigham would be a great match for Yves. Good luck to all of them.. all true fighters.


Magnus: Yes, Diaz's win over Ackerman is something to consider, especially due to the fact that Ackerman beat Richard Nancoo.

The thing on Ackerman is he has beaten Nancoo, but Stephen Palling seemed to have an easy time with Ackerman when he beat him in Shooto Hawaii.

I'd love to see Menjivar-Hominick sometime down the road.

Hominick is kind of puzzling, though.....He has looked great in TKO/UCC, and against solid opposition, but he had those 3 straight losses in the US....The loss to Palling was bs, as it was a cut stoppage seconds into the fight and the cut didn't even look that bad....But Hominick's losses to Mike Brown and Tommy Lee really surprised me. Brown's not a bad fighter at all (But he will lose to Sudo in the UFC)......But Tommy Lee is someone I totally expected Hominick to beat.

I haven't seen either the Brown or Lee fights (Anyone know if they're available on vid or DVD???), but it still shocks me that Hominick went on that 3-fight losing streak.

I feel before a possible Hominick-Menjivar match Hominick should continue making defenses of his Canadian title in TKO against other opponents, to sort of build his record back up and make people forget about that streak in the US.....It would probably be cool if TKO could give Hominick a revenge match against Tommy Lee.

"From: MackDaddyFlexxx
Date: 03/08/04 09:54 PM
Antonio 'the sexual' Carvalho is taking over!!!"

How did Carvalho obtain the nickname?