Thank Goodness I don't gamble on fights!

A lot of fights I can guess who is going to win most of the time, but could also see how it could go the other way… Then the ones i would bet the house on, I am almost always wrong. For example Rose vs Carla 2, Nunes vs Pena, and Bisping vs Rockhold 2 to name a few!
Every time i am tempted to throw a couple thou into a bet, i get scared off by the things i would go big on that fall apart!
Anyone else!?!?!

If you guess right most the time then you missing out on some $

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Yeah Canelo and Rose cost me sex for like 6 months probably.
Got raped saturday night


I know but i would go big on the wrong fights and cancel out anything i won! haha at least i feel that is the case.

haha exactly!

My wife: “ how’d you do Saturday night”


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Op is drake

Earlier this year, the rapper put $250,000 (£202,000) on Jorge Masvidal to defeat Colby Covington at UFC 272.

NOT AGAIN Drake loses £346,000 by betting on Justin Gaethje to become lightweight champion as Charles Oliveira chokes out ‘The Highlight’ at UFC 274