Thank u Michigan

thanks for exposing Ohio st., for the avg team they are and saving the National Championship games integrity

I was hoping shadetree and wilcox would choke on each other's units in their homoerotic celebration of OSU losing...

One of the announcers yesterday said 4 of the starting players on Michigan's defense went to high school in Ohio. I wonder why the Buckeyes didn't land those guys?

The Buckeyes don't have enough scholarships for every good High School player from Ohio.

Michigan's last two Heisman trophy winners, Desmond Howard and Charles Woodson, played HS ball in Ohio. Woodson went to Michigan because on of his HS coaches played for the Wolverines.

Nothing was more frustrating than watching Desmond and Woodson return punts for TDs against the Bucks.

Why would they want to play for Ohio .st

I don't know, maybe because there are more Buckeyes in the NFL than from any other D1 school?

how many national titles does lloyd carr have again?

I agree, he acted like a dick in that situation...
He looks like a very unhappy man

HE did, but Lloyd apologized the next day. It was in the heat of the moment, and it's the GAME! Woody would've done the same (not that it would've been right, but still)

Lloyd Carr is cool for saying that. That WAS the dumbest question I had ever heard.

"I don't know, maybe because there are more Buckeyes in the NFL than from any other D1 school"

Wrong again, That would be Notre Dame

ND may have more alums in the NFL, but the Buckeyes have a very respectable total of 31.

Most of the NFL Buckeyes are impact players. It would be interesting to see what school has the highest % of starters among it's NFL alumni.

That is respectable....If I had a guess to who had the most starters, it would be the University of Tennessee...I know they have 4 or 5 starting at tailback, one qb, and a bunch on defense

Impact Buckeye alums: David Boston, Joey Galloway, Terry Glenn, Eddie George, Orlando Pace, Shawn Springs, Antoine Winfield

Impact ND alums: Jerome Bettis, Tim Brown, Bobby Taylor, Bryant Young, Rick Mirer*

I'm sure the Florida schools have a ton, but the point is that OSU has produced just as many impact NFL players as any other school out there.

So Tressel doesn't exactly have to explain who the Buckeyes are when he's on a recruiting visit, especially in state.

Michigan can field a whole team, with a pretty strong offense and offensive line.

QB: Tom Brady
RB: Anthony Thomas
WR: Amani Toomer, Tai Streets, David Terrell
TE: Jay Riemersma
OL: Jon Janson, John Runyan, Steve Hutchinson, Jeff Backus, Maurice Williams

DL: Josh Williams, James Hall, Glen Steele
LB: Ian Gold, Dhani Jones, Larry Foote, Tommy Hendricks
DB: Charles WOodson, Ty Law, James Whitley, Dewayne Patmon

K: Jay Feely
P: (none)
KR/PR: Desmond Howard

With the exception of QB, the Buckeyes can field a darn good team too.

True, you'll have to help me with a few but:

QB: Joe Germaine? Krenzel will make somebody's practice squad next year. RB: Eddie George WR: David Boston, Joey Galloway, Terry Glenn. TE: RIckey Dudley OL: Orlando Pace, Rob Murphy...don't know any more.

DL: Big Daddy Wilkenson, Ryan Picket ? ?LB: Cie Grant, Matt WIllhelm, Nail Diggs, Mike Vrabel DB: Antoine Winfield, Shawn Springs, Mike Doss, Nate Clements.

P: Tom Tupa

UM would have the better offense, OSU the better defense. UM has more depth. I think overall UM is a better team, but OSU isn't bad either. ANd in any close game, Tom Brady would win it at the end.

Like I said before the University of Tennessee has the most starters in the NFL..

Here's the UT team I come up with (from cbssportline alumni tracker)

QB: Peyton Manning RB: Jamal Lewis, Travis Henry (James Stewart) WR: Peerless PRice, Kelley Washington TE: Jason WHitten OL: Fred Weary, Chad CLifton, Trey TEague, Cosey COleman, David Martin (converted from TE)

DL: Albert Haynsworth John Henderson, Rashad Moore, plus a few subs LB: Al Wilson, (plus pick 2/4 I don't know them) DB: Andre Lott, Deon Grant, Julian Battle, (and pick 1/3)

This is definitely the deepest and strongest team. Makes you wonder why Phat Phil didn't win more games.

I tell u why Fat Face Fullmer didnt win more..He is a great Recruiter, but his coaching sucks.