Thank You all Who Supported OSW#3!

Well its Monday morning and I am about to return the wrestling mats and U-Haul truck from yesturdays event! I am tired and excited! I hope everyone had a good time yesturday and were not dissapointed with the event. I really tried my best to make it the best OSWI ever and on some levels I think I succeeded!

I would just like to thank all of the people who helped out with the event! From my family,to my girlfriend, to my friends from Joslins who always got my back, I will never forget what you gusy do for me and I will always be there for you!Special thanx to my partner and Vice President Andrew Kwan who helped me out with the event!The walkie talkies were cool too!
Also thank you to PJ, as always for helping me out the day of the event!

Also, thank you very much to my out of town friends, Joe Ferarro (for pumping up the event and announcing), Frank Lombardi (for the awesome podium and support), my referees (Jeff Joslin,Scott SChilling and Marco Costa) we had a moment of confusion but that just goes to show that we wanted to be 100% sure that we were making the right one and I thank you again for the help! I would also like to thank the event sponsors, (look for a OSWI DVD on there website soon!!!), RioFightWear, Sports Nutrition Depot,Premier Fitness, Booster Juice and B.G.G.! I would also like to thank Pat Cooligan from SPAWL CANADA. Unfortunately they were unable to attend but Pat proved to be a man of his word and I thank you!As well the Canadian Jiu-Jitsu Association for allowing me to have the event!

Also thank you to Kesi Asim for D.J'ing!
And to the out of town fighters which pretty much made the entire roster for the event! Rowan and Kyle from NOVA SCOTIA. Wade Shanley from OTTAWA. Aguzzi and George St. Pierres from MONTREAL. AJ Scales from Sascatchewan ( I hope I spelled that right!)and Kyle Sandford from Rochester!
To Rodrigo, I feel so bad for what happened. I hope the fleight home wasnt too bad and I wish you a speedy recovery! I would actually like to see that match happen again some day, and hope that it can! Thank You so much for coming down to the event!

Like I said before the event was a success. To those who missed it, you really missed out! I never imagined the event would be such a success and once again I thank everyone who showed up, who helped me with the preperation and helped me out in general!

Now its time to Relax but oh wait I have to get starting on my next project!

Get ready Canada, the 2005 Canadian Pro Ams is coming!!!

-5 Weight Divisions
- Pus an Openweight division
-No/Gi Submission Wrestling tournament
-Advanced or Intermediate Grapplers only
-Plus 3 SUPERFIGHTS That are gonna turn some heads!

Keep checking out the forum as well as, and for upcoming press release and info!!!


Awesome event again. Unbelievable.

AJ Scales really opened up some eyes here in Ontario. What a stud!!!

St.Pierre is sick...what a monster. His game is sheer brutality. It's his way or, well, his way again. And did everyone see how he never turned down ONE PICTURE attempt, taking pictures with each and every fan, adult or child. Truely a class act.

Shanley vs Hong was my fight of the day. Those guys drove me nutz. Everytime I was discussing each position with whomever I was standing with, breaking down how each should end the fight or get out of the move, they would sweep, reverse, sink in another submission, then reverse, sweep...HOLY man...those guys were fast.

Great event...can't wait for whatever you have in store. Look forward to it all...:)

Thanks Rick for inviting me. I wanted to perform well and trained really hard for this fight, im bummed with what happened, sorry if i let u guys down, i know everyone was looking forward for this fight.

Rodrigo Munduruca

I don't think you let anyone's just a postponement until the next time.

Any results on the knee???

Rick is the man!

Partial tear of MCL left knee...

Lots of gloucosamine and vitamin B, Rod...

Get better man!

Do they have you on Naproxin now ?? (For swelling and pain relief ?

It was a great show!! Rick you never disappoint!! Every show you put on it gets better abd better!!! Can't wait until the next one!

All the best!!!!

I had a really great time at the show and enjoyed all the fights. Unfortunately the Munduruca vs Esfiha ended with an injury, but looked like it was going to be very good.

Can't wait for the next one!

Rodrigo Munduruca, I hope your knee heals quickly and soon. Esfiha tells me you're a great guy. Cheers!

Yeah, yeah, BUT, was Showdown in the penguin suit????

What happened to the Sprawl guys?

TTT to Rick for a great event!!!

The event was excellent thanks Rick!

Thanks for the kind words Joe.


Another great event. Munduruca, you did not let anyone down. Im sorry about your injury. Everyone at Niagara BJJ Is hoping and praying for a speedy recovery. Thanks for making the trip out here. Cant wait for the next event.....

You almost got it right Rick!(Saskatchewan)

Anyways I would like to thank Rick for the invite it was a great experience and hope to be invited again. Next time I will give a better fight, I came down with the flu the days before. So my energy was not all there.

I would like to thank Nova Uniao Canada ( Claude, Mark) for stepping up and being in my corner for me. Daniel for taking me out and getting me shit faced and making me miss my plane. And Josh for giving me the flu.

Thanks Joe for the nice words.

Man I wish Rodrigo a quick recovery I heard his knee pop from the stands.


Great event Rick.

Keep up the good work.

HJJ- Sangue Bom!

Sangue Bom finally posts on the forum...what's up my man. Check the website in a few hours. I just got home and will post the OSWI editorial.

Talk to you soon...


Some guy walks up behind me and mentions the penquin suit comment. I turn around and was expecting to see you. I'm looking Ord right in the face and my brain is saying 'That's not Rene'. Ord starts laughing and I JUST COULDN'T CATCH ON. He nailed me with it so perfectly.

AJ, you definately turned some heads and did very very well yesturday! It would be an honour to have you in another event! Once again excellent job and keep it up! Your on the right path!

Rick, you always run a great event!