Thank You Bobby Razak

Bobby, thank you for being a great host at your Sparring Chronicles release party! I had alot of fun. The DVD is awsome, cool to hang out and see how some others work!---Robert :)

Robert you are the man bro. Look forward to hearing you music. Is it X-box friendly

Bobby Razak


Cool party man, thanks. Watched the dvd last night, cool stuff. Look forward to Rites 2.


Sanders e-mail me your numbers, I want to hook up bro.

Bobby Razak


I emailed you about this DVD about 2 weeks ago and never
heard back. Where can I buy it, and how much,


Jump kick e-mail me at


Bobby Razak

I hope they are x-box friendly, they play in my DVD player, home and truck. The animations are best played from the computer.---Robert

O.k. you have mail.

Is Rites 2 out yet?..