Thank You Chuck

Cool, VU. Phone Post 3.0

I miss watching Chuck fight

The iceman was the best Phone Post 3.0

Awesome vid. He was looking awesome against Ace up until that point too. Phone Post 3.0


Phone Post 3.0

Strangely sad but cool video.

This generation of fighters may have access to greater training, science, nutrition, and money but one thing that Chucks generation has over them is the size of their balls, heart, and warrior spirit. (Rory MacDonald/Robbie Lawler excluded)


Wow. Awesome. Phone Post 3.0

Bless the Chuck

Wow. So much respect for Chuck. I miss those days. Phone Post 3.0

tunaburn - I miss watching Chuck fight

Yep, he put on some of the most entertaining fights and helped make the UFC what it is. Fucking legend.

Long live The Iceman.

Signed. Thank you Chuck! Phone Post 3.0

VU great vid

Wow, epic video, really heartfelt. Chuck was the first megastar of the Zuffa UFC. Respect.

My fav chuck fight was against rich Franklin. Phone Post 3.0

I was at UFC 79 when he fought Wand. It will forever be the most exciting experience of my MMA life. I miss those days of MMA Phone Post 3.0

Golden age of MMA. Thanks Chuck