Thank you Dana for signing Toney

You can tell Dana is a big fan of the sport of "combat". I never thought he would sign James Toney and he proved me wrong.

Dana White has always said, win or lose, he respects fighters that put it all on the line and he knows Toney embodies that spirit.

Many here thought Toney in the UFC was asinine, well I'm glad Mr White doesn't listen to you idiots.

Anyone who doesn't want to see a legendary boxer like Toney test himself in the octagon is not a fan of MMA. Boxing is a HUGE part of MMA.

Thank you Dana for caring about the legendary fighters and giving them a chance.

DW, you are a cool mother fucker

I say bring it on. Good job dana.


Get Toney back to 180 lbs and it's a good move. A slow fat Toney isn't going to be fun to watch since he won't be able to move fast enough to get away from takedowns.