I've been wanting to say this for a while now but thank you Dana White for bringing us the best damn fights ever.

you and Lorenzo have made modern day MMA and the UFC the best in fight. PERIOD!

You cop shit from muppets who have no idea and yet the proof is in the pudding that what you guys are doing is the best. EASILY.

every time there is a UFC show me and my mates down here in Australia are sooo stoked at the level of competition being exhibited and just how professional the UFC is. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

you fucking ripper mate.
once again THANK YOU.


 "You cop shit from muppets"

That's famous :-)

Agreed Phone Post

 Dana is one of the nicest guys I've met.

Fuck those shit slinging muppets. :)

Don't forget Joe Silva!

As a person who has watched since the first one and training combat sports even before that, I am super stoked to see where MMA has gone. I remember coming to websites during the black out years patiently waiting for results. We would then discuss those same fights for months,because the UFCs were so far and few in between. I remember I would have a UFC hoodie on and people would ask me "What the hell University is that?" Even when I would tell people what the UFC was, they would look at me like I had 3 heads. They never even heard of it.

If you would have told me back then that I could turn on the TV almost anytime and watch fights, and that I would also be watching free UFCs, and that I could go to a Fan Expo and hang out with fighters I would have laughed in your face. MMA is a huge part of my life and I simply can't imagine my life without MMA in it.

In the internet era everyone hates, and BLAF has a thankless job and deals with haters all day yet keeps on trucking. He has pretty much done everything he said he would do. For that I thank him. I can't believe where we are and we aren't even 20 years old. Where will the sport be when it's reaches the age Boxing is now?


What a f*ckin' muppet...


bashing Dana should e a ban-able offense after all he has done for the sport,MMA is on FOX for gods sakes

Squatdog's troll account Phone Post

leghound you legend hahaha.

I agreee with it all! Thank you for everything, except your SOPA stance, but that's another thread :) keep reppin for our community like you do! Much appreciated! Phone Post

Dana Thanks for organising for me and my family to meet CroCop before his fight at UFC 110.I`ll never forget what you and Rach did that day...

Thanks from the 3 of us!