Thank you for 5 rounds Dana!

What a smart decision on dana's or the UFC's or whoevers part to make main events 5 rounds...I finally convinced my family to watch a live UFC and holy shit did they love it! Wish this could have been on fox but there is no stopping the UFC!!! Thank you!!!! Phone Post

Here here!!! Phone Post

Indeed, if it were a 3 round people would be talking about how much shogun apparently sucks, he showed massive heart and great skills. Those extra 2 rounds made a huge difference.

Agreed. At first I doubted if itd be a good idea, but tonight sold me on it.  It wouldve been a crime to stop that fight after the 3rd.

Yep thx dana Phone Post

I love it. Please make all co main events 5 rounds too! Phone Post

How about.. 5 rounds for co-main events ?


friends I was with at tilted kilt didnt know it was 5 rounds, then we saw them on the stools and figured it out and all got super excited


This "smart decision" was looooong overdue.