"Thank you." from Chris Haseman

Hey Guys,

I had the pleasure of talking with Chris Haseman
at the Queensland Police Academy today. He is
back at work having returned from the Easter Break
and looks fit and healthy.

Seeing as Chris doesn't get to post on the internet
as often as he would like to – he asked me to pass
on his sincerest thanks for all the fantastic support
given to him by his fans and supporters during his
recent fight against Canadian fighter, Bill Mahood
at Spartan 9. Also a big thanks to those who
helped with his training leading up to the big fight.

I asked him about the fight, and in his usual
straight talking way, he made no excuses for not
winning. Chris stated that Mahood was the better
fighter and won the fight, simple as that.

He also acknowleged Mahood's great conditioning
and ground and pound skills. Chris mentioned that
gave the fight absolutely everything that he had,
and was determined to keep on stepping up and
taking the fight to Mahood. Although he knew that
he was in a bad way going into the third round, he
said that he would have rather died first, than
submit or not answer the bell. He even went so far
as to disregard the advice from his corner when he
stepped up in the third round.

Chris also stated that during the fight, he thought
that he had Mahood, when he secured the
shoulder choke on him during the first round.
Chris could feel Mahood struggling to free himself
and sunk the choke in as hard as he could and
worked at max effort to obtain the submission, but
couldn't believe it when Mahood endured it and
finally escaped. (..having been on the end of a
couple of Haseman chokes I can't imagine how
you could even begin to work an escape.)

Chris also mentioned that he didn't hear the bell at
the end of the first round when he was almost had
the juji fully locked on and the crowd was going

Chris also wanted to assure his supporters that at
times he looked like he was being badly beaten
with Mahood's ground and pound game, he
actually managed to deflect or slip a lot of the
punches unloaded on him... it was just the ones
that got through were very hard shots! .....An
interesting note from the fight is that despite
wearing some freaky big shots to the head from
Mahood, none of them opened any cuts. (..In fact
Chris has never needed any stitching in over 40
professional fights.)

Chris wanted the fans to acknowledge and
support LHW champ Sam Nest. Although Sam
trains under Chris, Chris is the first to
acknowledge his amazing skills and ringcraft, and
was very impressed with his win over his

Finally Chris wanted to again thank his fans and
supporters on the big night. He said that it was
their motivation that inspired him to keep giving his
total effort during the fight.



Unsure if this is the damien that i used to work with? If so drop me an email mate



Great to hear Chris' breakdown of the match, can't wait for the DVD!!!


And that is why Chris Haseman is a champion fighter and a champion person.
All the guy's from RINGS Toowoomba will always be proud to be associated with Chris Haseman and the RINGS Australian crew.

Funnily enough I saw Chris on the news the other night. Strangely enough they were talking about these blokes in funny shorts and coloured shirts instead of him. :)

Great to see him back into the swing of things.


Yep, Chris finally got his mug (and 'guns' - or cannons as they've been called) on the news, and all he had to do was break some poor footballers wrist... (I'm kidding - he didn't, but that's what the news made it look like).

And for those who don't know him, the post from Damien is exactly how Chris is 100% of the time. No bullshit. Period. Which is why all of us who have anything to do with him are proud to do so.

"No bullshit. Period."

100% Correct.

ttt for the champ

Chris is a true champion and as I mentioned in my post Spartan comments, his fight with Bill Mahood was the best MMA fight I have seen in person. So many fans of the sport have said as such and I was proud to have been a part of it. Well done Chris!

Chris Haseman is a true warrior and a true Gentleman. Any time he wants to visit Canada, he will have many friends to call upon.

Once again huge props to Kerry Dunne and the Spartan Reality Fight Series. You are a testament to what promoters everywhere should aspire to be.

Canada loves Australia !

Well Done Chris!!!

I always tell my compeitors (adults & my juniors) Win or Loose it dosn't matter??? as much as how you fight the fight, and everybody including yourself should be proud of determination & guts shown. (and I had the privillage to be right at ring side as one of three judges and most of the action happened 1m away)What can you say but Chris, typified what I would say a true aussie fighter to be, in the ANZAC spirit.

I didn't see you as loosing match but as a true winner in the champion bloke you are.

Re-Guards Joe

Where can you get the DVD?

"Where can you get the DVD?"

I'm guessing www.spartanrfs.com when there ready ?


The Tank Engine is correct. The DVD is being worked on as we speak (...or type for that matter).