Thank you from IRAQ

Just wanted to say Thank you to Sally and Skip Hall, and to Ed Beneville for some cool grappling books and to Rick Brewer at HOUSE OF PAIN!

Sally sent me a really cool package that had t-shirts, grappling books,hats, beenies etc. I will take pictures with several of the guys wearing the stuff. I just wanted to say thank you and let everyone know it was appricated. X-mas in Iraq was cool because I had some MMA involved.

a special thank you to CRAZY MIKE! thank you for the hat and T-shirt! Best wishes to all....

Shannon "The Cannon"

cheap pop

RickyB what do you mean cheap POP?
Dude I am in Iraq, and I recieved a really cool x-mas Package from some really great people from The UG...
All I wanted to do is say Thank you!

Shannon "The Cannon"

I meant no disrespect cannon.

what's going on Shannnon, stay safe bro, I*'ll be there in a couple of weeks. later.

Good to hear you're doing alright over there Shannon. While I am no fan of yours MMA-wise...I definately am a supporter of what you're doing over in the shithole Middle East. Stay safe and enjoy those X-Mas gifts!


kick ass and stay safe bro!

No, THANK YOU Shannon for being in Iraq and putting it on the line for us. Happy New Year to you and all of the troops and civilians over there.


Hey Shannon,

Just wanted to say hi and wish you well.

All the best,


Thanks to you Cannon and Happy New Year!

Thanks for the post!

Cheers, respect,


when are you coming home...


Did you hear Darrell Guthmiller beat UFC vet Tyrone Roberts in a great match?

Take careout there man.

Vince how are you bro? Hope all is well there.


ttt for The Cannon

TTT, stay healthy

Hows the food out there? keeping your weight up?

Happy new year and stay safe, hope to see you soon.

Carol & JJ