From TKO President Stephane Patry:

First and foremost I want to take this opportunity
to thank everybody that was involved with this
incredible event. This was by far the best TKO show
we ever produced, and I am proud to say that right now
we have a great chemistry and the team I've been
dreaming of forever is in place. It's time for the
next step, and the next few TKO events will continue
to bring MMA fans nothing but the BEST MMA in Canada.

Special thanks, in no particular order:

TO ALL THE FIGHTERS: Your kind words at the post-fight
press conference meant a lot to me. I know this might
sound weird, but so far in MMA, the words you guys
had for me after the show have been my greatest
moment in MMA so far. These special words meant more
to me than ANYTHING else and I'm still very emotional
about it and it will always be a great moment to
remember for me.

MARC BRISEBOIS: My man, the man who stood by me since
day one. Thank you. It took us quite a while, but I
knew we would find the perfect chemistry one day, and
it took 17 shows, a lot of sweat and a lot of tears.
The sky is the limit right now, and I really want you
to know I would've never done it without you.

DAVID LOISEAU: Man, since day one, since day one...
You didn't get the explosive victory, the knock-out or
the fancy stuff on saturday night, but AGAIN you made
me proud. Let's face it, you are one of the major
reason why MMA is so popular over here. I'm proud to
be your manager but mostly, I'm proud of our
friendship. We went throught everything together and
that means a lot to me.

MATT ROCCA: You did a stellar job with these
interviews my friend. I've never seen ANYONE so well
prepared to work on the broadcast of a MMA event! You
came to the show with a BIBLE on every single fighter
fighting on the card! It's a great honor to work with
a professional like yourself.

MARK COLANGELO: You are one of the greatest addition
to the TKO team. You professionalism, your charisma
and the seriousness you bring to the broadcast with
your incredible knowledge of every aspects of the MMA
game just brings our broadcast crew to a whole
different level... You're also a great cornerman! ;)

JEAN-PHILLIPE ETHIER: Whatever I said about Matt Rocca
can be applied to yourself but on the french broadcast
team - WOW! Great Job!

YANNICK LOOF: You've been around for quite a while
too! First as a fan, then as a fighter in our proving
ground circuit, then as a sponsor and now as a member
of our french broadcast team. But most importantly
your full-time job with TKO as the Director of
Corporate Sales brings nothing but credibility to the
organisation. Let's rock'n'roll!

MARC, MATT, MARK, J-P and YANNICK: I know I said it a few
times saturday night but I couldn't help but to look
at the TKO table everytime I had a chance and to see
this professional group of hard-working, passionate
and competent people supporting me. This event will
always be very special for me... TKO is now born for
real - and that's because of you,

Thanx to Mr. Colangelo I have a new furniture set from Leons. They take phone orders.

Ok, all kidding aside, start selling event dvds from TKO.


SHAWN TOMPKINS: You once again showed incredible
support. I would not be in MMA anymore if it wasn't
for incredible people like yourself. Thanks for
believing in me when everything was falling out.
Thanks for building the incredible athletes you are
building right now. Thanks for all the help. Thanks
for your professionalism. We will go very far
together, I knew that the very first time I met you.
It's ironik how two guys who fought each other in my
very first show are now two HUGE elements of my
company's success 16 shows and 4 years later...

LANCE GIBSON: There is not one single manager/trainer
in this game that is easier to deal with than you my
friend. Your fighters are all class-act and that's a
huge factor for any promotions. It's with huge
pleasure that I will keep working with Team Gibson for
years to come... Thank you Lance!

ANGELO EXARHAKOS: Man, I don't know how often I will
have to say this. Thank you for everything you do for
my boys. Some of them consider you like a 2nd dad, and
you mean a lot to them. You are a huge part of their
success... Your humility is incredible. I saw you at
the gym on friday night when Georges and Patrick where
sparring together. You didn't have to do some of the
stuff you did - but you did it anyways and that truely
shows what an incredible human being you are. Thank
you for believing in me.

MARK PAVELICH: As always, your support has been
tremendous. While you weren't in Victoriaville with
me, our daily conversations helped go through a lot of
the pressure. Thank you for being there for us, and
let's throw that bomb very soon!

MARK HOMINICK: You are still a champion Mark, saturday
was not your night and there is no shame in losing a
fight like that. Everyone knows you will be wearing
a belt again soon, be proud of what you've accomplished
so far - better things are coming your way. I am your

1 fan and I will always stand by you - There will

ALWAYS be a very special place for Mark Hominick in
the TKO organization WIN, LOSE or DRAW.

SHANE RICE: Thank you for taking this fight on short
notice. You stepped up and did what nobody expected
you to do - your game plan was perfect and you showed
everyone you belonged in the Canadian elite at 145.
Everyone knows Mark Hominick is one of my favorite
fighters but that doesn't mean I don't respect you
as a champion - I am happy for you and we are proud
to have you as our new champion.

CURTIS STOUT: It was a pleasure to deal with you
Curtis, you are nothing but top-notch in and out of
the ring. Those kicks were probably the hardest kicks
I've seen live in MMA so far. WOW! There will be many,
many other fights for you in TKO in the months to
come. You bring excitement to the ring, and this is
exactly what the fans look for! Your manager and
trainer DAN THARP was also great to deal with and you
guys are amongst the most pleasant and respectful
people I have the chance to deal with.

RYAN DIAZ: I finaly had the chance to know you a
little better this past week-end and actually had a
lot of fun with you. We want to build this
organisation around characters like Ryan Diaz, we
want to build our reputations around talented athletes
like Ryan Diaz. You are a great person and I can't
wait to see you in the ring again and again and again.

Yves Lavigne is one of the best in the business.

All other refs should study the way he does his job and model themselves after him.

MARK LOFT, SEAN RAGNITZ, SHARAM RASHTI and the rest of the Ronin crew: Thank you for your support, it is refreshing to see so many new faces in the TKO family, I am really looking forward to see you again in our event.

JOHN FRASER: You have been emailing me for over 3 years to get your chance in the TKO ring. TKO 17 was the night you finaly and made your debut and jumped on the opportunity. It was a pleasure dealing with you and we will see you in TKO again very soon. Sorry about the little technical problem that happened when you arrived, thank for your understanding.

ICHO LARENAS: You are truly amazing my friend - one of
the most charismatic fighters out there and such a
great person to chat with. Keep improving and you will
be a huge force in the new and revamped Canadian HW
division. Todd Gouwenberg had nothing but good words
to say about you at the event.

BRYAN MAGEE: Keep working hard my friend. Your
dedication and efforts will pay. It's always a
pleasure of dealing with you; Now let's work on a more
natural weight division for you: 205.

JACOB CONLIFFE: We wanted to see you in the ring bad!
It's unfortunate your opponent couldn't compete. Train
hard, you are already confirmed as part of TKO 18.

THIERRY QUENNEVILLE: I know just how much you trained
for this fight and the huge sacrifices you made. You
showed a lot in this fight with Ryan Diaz. Great
things come to those who are patient. Keep the same
training regime, you can't go anywhere but at the top.

SAM STOUT: Another phenom from the Tompkins crew. When
you look at guys like Mark Hominick, Sam Stout,
Rob MacDonald, Jacob Conliffe etc it just shows how
much the sport has evolved... And how great Shawn
Tompkins is! Sam is a world class striker that will
make a lot of noise in the LW division - there is no
doubt in my mind, Sam will be a champion for a very
very long time.

STEVE CLAVEAU: It's almost with tears in my eyes that
I saw you announce your retirement in the ring
saturday. You did so much for the sport of MMA and for
my organization. You are not only a great fighter, a
great trainer but also a great friend of mine. I'm
very happy that we will have the opportunity to work
even closer together now.

Mark Colangelo is my hero! Mark, how can I get an autographed 8x10?

Congrats to the whole crew, sounds like a heck of a show.

KULTAR GILL: I'm sure you learned a lot in this fight
with Fabio Holanda. No matter what, you are still on
the top of most people's list, and I know you will be
back faster, meaner and stronger. Can't wait to
announce your TKO 18 fight.

FABIO HOLANDA: You backed up your words 100%! What
a great display of BJJ. You are finaly fighting in
your weight class and I know for a fact your record
will do nothing but improve. You came into this
fight as the Best Fighter in the World with a 0-3
record, now is the time to work your way to the top
and become the Best Fighter in the World Period.

JOEY BROWN: Thank you for taking this fight on short
notice. It was great to work with you and I'm sure
you will come back with a vengeance very soon!

JONATHAN GOULET: You are quickly becoming one of the
best fighters of my organization. The ONLY reason you
don't have a belt around your waist is the presence
of your good friend Georges St-Pierre. We should call
you the INTERIM #1 WW in Canada! Keep working hard
my friend, you are now 10-5!

STEPHANE VIGNEAULT: You took care of the past and
defeated most of the top SLW fighters on your path.
Your improvement has been incredible in the past two
years and it's always great to count on an athlete who
will fight anyone, anytime, anywhere. You are a
rarity and TKO is very proud to count on such a
talented young athlete.

DONALD OUIMET: You showed how experienced you are in
the ring saturday. You showed how great of a boxer you
really are and you gave TKO fans one of the most
exciting fights in TKO history! What a spectacular KO
victory! You are 36 years old and there are a lot of
fights still in you. One of the easiest athlete to
deal with and one of the most serious guy in a gym.
You've been with me since day one, and I'll never
forget your support in many crucial situations. Thanks

I'm sure I will forget a ton of people, but you know
what, this show was a tremendous success because
everyone involved gave it's best performance at the
same time: Fighters, Trainers, Employees, Referees,
Judges, Athletic Commission, Production Crew etc. On
Saturday September 25th, everybody was at the top of
it's game and it showed! This show was flawless!
Everything went 100% as planned and the best of all,
everything was done with 0 stress.

Thank you,

Stephane Patry

"Mark Colangelo is my hero! Mark, how can I get an autographed 8x10?"

LOL ! I HAVE one !!!

Bastard! Always one step ahead of me JHR! My birthday is coming up, Mark. Hook a brother up!

My girlfriend wants a picture too, but I will not allow her to gaze longingly at Mark's face all day. I cannot compete with that.

"MARK LOFT, SEAN RAGNITZ, SHARAM RASHTI and the rest of the Ronin crew: Thank you for your support, it is refreshing to see so many new faces in the TKO family, I am really looking forward to see you again in our event."

Thank you so much for having us. The TKO organization is VERY professional and treated us very well, it was a pleasure to have that opportunity. I think you'll be seeing us again :-)


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