I am pretty sure I trained with Dave when Adam, Rory and Forrest were kind enough to put me up for the weekend and corner me against Melvin. Dave was very good and that was a year and a half ago, so I can only imagine how far he has come.

How are you guys doing?



One of the best and most classy gym's around.!

SBGI is a good group. I was training at their HQ in Portland for awhile with Matt Thornton, unfortunately I had to quit due to other obligations.

Good training.

It was great having you around Nelson. See you next time. And Dave is the next big thing

thanks ben....i hope to be back in a few months time...

here's Dave about to finish the fight


All is well bro. Hit me up with an email and let me know how things are going with you.

I was going to TTT this thread for my buddies at HC Gym but since it's been made a "sticky" by the staff that would be kind of pointless... LOL!!!

Anyway, TTT for HCG!!!

Nice to see Nelson being taken care of when visiting. Gotta love it when you go to a gym and the guys are waaay cool!

Hey guys, I should have some good pics for you soon. I can see my camera guy in the background of Daves fight. Nelson, it was great to meet you and have you at the fights. Please come back for the next one. It is a pleasure to work with the HardCore Gym ! They don't come any better !



Damn Yankee..i just plain FORGOT you were in Georgia..but fret not..i'm looking to be back in July or August depending on Rory & Adam's schedule.. was a real pleasure my friend and i can't thank you enough....let me know when you will be havong events for sure

Dougie..they were more than cool...everyone helped this old man out..

and once again, thanks chokeyou2 and you know gotdamn why beeyotch!!!...ALOT of the guys at Hardcore were seen sporting the awesome iFIGHT t shirts....

kids, you need to get yours ASAP at:


Yeah Adam approached me about paying me to put some POSITIVE thread up about HC but he just wasn't offering enough money. I mean 50 bucks and a couple bowling passes. I got a reputation in the MMA comunity to protect. It was probably Franks idea anyway.

TTT the sticky for god sakes these guys are cool.

No $50 needed ! The fight between David Mewborn and Johua Johnson is available right now for your viewing pleasure at:

Check out the entire fight for $1.99. Once purchased, you have three days to watch the entire fight twice.

must see tv

way to go Collyer

next time ask for a lesson in hotel lobby boxing!

c'mon know we do that here =)

Good to hear your trip turned out great Nelson.