Thank you Kirik

For giving me and everyone such a great forum. I love this site and its the only reason i get on the net. I dont see anybody saying this so on behalf of all of us, thank you and merry (insert-holiday).

-Wade Bolton

 ill thank when they change stevie w's name back.

Merry christmas, this forums the best place to talk mma.

lts keep it going people. he deserves it. he gave us such a great place to act like children ;P

Merry Christmas Phone Post

 Merry Christmas.  Now fix the site, get rid of the HTML coding problems, and ban more trolls and UKTTers.  Happy New Year. :)

for all the bitching around here, i gotta say

its still the most interesting place on the internet



Fuck teh UG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, thanks Kirik! This is the greatest MMA site of web on the net, hands down. Keep it going strong, and I know the community will continue to fuel this great forum.


Thanks sexy (no homo)

Kirik is the man!




 we thank him every year with our $30


The only time I've needed help here, Kirik was pretty awesome in how he handled it, so on that alone I'd co-sign.

But this really is the only MMA forum worth visiting, so I gotta give props to that.