Thank you MARIA ECP

just wanted to send a big MAHALO out to ECP from freitas and kurano. AWESOME INTVW! you're a natural. :)

Fokai Femme
Fokai Familia
671 Represent
Hapa Power

Go Maria!

 JimmyNaks probably hit it with most of these Chamorritas. . .

(Cali Beach Rock n Roll Sushi GILF is 2nd from left on a trip back home to Guam last year) 

You give me to much credit.

I know nossing, NOSSING!

Only saying that cause his chick lurks hea

Who let in the heavyweight?

Ahahaha Mike, you are cruel!!!

And seriously, Thank you guys for the opportunity.

I'd tried my best NOT to sound like I just climbed an effin mountain and was freezing my ass off!!!