Thank you Mr. Dan

Just wanted to say thank you to one of my favorite teachers,Training partners,and classy guy. Mr. Dan G is a black Belt under the famous Carlos Machado. I have trained with Mr.Dan for several years-Recently Mr. Dan has promoted me in BJJ to BROWN BELT. It is a true honor and I hope I represent it well! Thank you again. TTT for Mr. Dan you can read more about him at

Shannon "The Cannon"

Congrats on the recent win and the brown belt Shannon!

Thanks! Dan is a GREAT Teacher and man if you read his website you can see all he has done! WOW the man is unbelievable! and he is a true class act! he was even a bodyguard for The President. Read his profile.

Shannon "The Cannon"
Big things to come in 2004!


ttt.....for shannon

Holy shit the cannon is a bjj brown belt!?! Congrats! DAN must be the MAN!

Congrats Shannon. You aren't from Chico, California are you? Because back in the day I knew of a tough dude from Chico with your name.....

A brown belt WOW. I thought it was hard to get a brown belt in bjj.

When did Dan get his black belt? I hadn't heard anything about it.


congrats from

congrats cannon, I look forward to an exciting year for you...
all the best.

Congrats Shannon. That's a great accomplishment.

Dan got his black belt several months ago, but has been training with Carlos Machado in Dallas for years. if you get the chance please go to his site
for more info:

Best wishes,
Shannon "The Cannon"

about 8 years ago...:-)


hey shannon, you might not remember me but, we fought in the rumble. But anyway nice to here that you got your brown belt good job.. and goodluck in your career......Da Boss

Ross yes i remember you! and thank you.

Thanks guys I have been training my ass off and I will make 2004 my best year yet! you will see alot more "w's in 2004!~

Shannon "The Cannon"



Wow, the guy's got credentials up the ass.