Thank You Renato Tavares

I just wanted to thank Renato for his great seminar. My students had the chance to learn from a great instructor. His techinque is almost perfect and his style of teaching allows students enough time to learn the position properly. I rolled with him for 2 hours straight on Friday and it was amazing. I was tapped more times than I can count in 2 hours and I loved every minute of it. I`m hoping to have Renato back out the Maryland before the end of the year for another seminar.

Noel Smith (coach)
Renato Tavares Association, Maryland

Fabes, what happened.

Waddya mean what happened?

We talked...remember?


Sunday was all you

I can live with that.

Call me you jabroni!


Welcome to the RT Association.

ttt for a great coach.

Renato is a credit to our sport.Looking forward to working out with him one day and trying like hell to survive his onslaught of submissions.