Thank You Scott Schilling!!

Hey Scott

Greg Compton here. I just wanted to say thanks for being a good teacher. One of your students who has moved to Queen's for school, Albert Cheng is training with me now at Gladiator Grappling in Kingston.

He is really slick for someone with only 6 months training and is a good guard passer and he never turns down an opprtunity to drill technique or spar. He is kicking my ass and thats good cause my motivation has been low lately and I dont have enough talented 155pd guys to roll with.

Your teaching experience and skill certainly shines through in him and Im sure I'll learn lots from him. he is on the Queen's wrestling team too so he is eager to crosstrain and we both share a mutual disdain for the GI game LOL!

TTYL, Greg Compton

hehe , Greg's kidding. He's kicking my ass. I'm just running from him the entire time.

ttt for scott and greg

Awesome! Its good to know that some of us still train!!!

Hey Albert, its Shaun here (the big guy that started just before you left). How is school man? Its good to hear you are kicking ass at your new gym.

Remember Compton,

I am always lurking around and just like a villan in movies I watch, I study my prey (victims), and when the timing is right I pounce like a lion on a wild boar in the plains of Africa.

After your comment about the No-Gi game I see why it's important that someday I make way down to Kingston and stay and train with your club. That way just maybe, I can convince you that the GI game is fun.

And if not then No-Gi will be just fine.

Drop me an email when you get a chance I lost yours (sorry).

(my idiotic post is my way of saying TTT for Greg-Straight Outta Compton)

Greg; Thank you very much for the kind words.

Albert is something special, and good luck trying to triangle him... lol

you'll see.

Train hard for Joslin's I hope to see you both there.


Unrelated question. Greg are you going to Joslin's this year?

awwwwww, looks like BSF is finally starting to come around!

Greg, you fighting again anytime soon?

trying to picture Wiley as a Lion about to pounce



Who's ass is he kicking at Gladiator's?!?!

Those guys SUCK! HA ha!

Ahh, Kingston....nice place. Alot 'o' tough mofo's
come outta that club...and that town in general...

...any of you Kingston boys ever check out my favorite
hang-out when I'm in town....the Tir Nah Nog?

Yep, the Tir A Nog is great!

I'm there right now!