Hey Fish,

I just wanted to take this time to say thanks for your friendship, your humor, and for leading from the front in so many ways.

I am glad we are friends and look forward to a productive and rewarding New Years for the both of us.



P.S. and I also look forward to the ASS-KICKING workouts we will drop on everyone else this year that is brave enough to step up to the plate.

3 cheers for the master of pain!


I would also like to thank Scrapper for posting SSS
on his website and for the encouragement he has
given me (and the rest of the folks on this forum)
over the years. He is a true friend to all of us.

Scrapper I salute you!


Agreed. Scrap is the Man.



ttt for SCRAPPER! The evil bastard that weve all come to love :)


Anyone else remember when Scrapper was voted OG president?

thank you SCRAP, now check my thread so you can get yo' money!!!!

Thanks everyone! I said it before but it bears repeating: I believe that this is one of the best (if not THE best) forum dealing with training on the Internet. We have an incredible collection of passionate individuals who share a healthy dose of skepticism for the bullshit and desire for true knowledge into making ourselves stronger and better.

I can only see this place getting better and better as time goes by!

Keep training hard,


Fish, you are a gentleman and a scholar....

ahhh who the hell am i kidding? you're an evil sadistic bastard that gets off on the suffering of others.

And we love you for it.