thank you steve at sprawl for the sposership that you and your crew are doing for me.if you have never tried there grappling shorts you must try them they are the best i have ever used.inclueding all of us litttle guys who have a hard time triying to find shorts to fit us look no more i say go with sprawl.

thanks chad washburn

Their split-side Mir style shorts are incredible for MMA. As a striker whose primary weapon is kicks of varied ranges, these shorts make the transition between mat-ready and ring-ready incredibly, better than anything else I've ever worn.

ttt.... way to go on your last fight too, Chad. Missin ya out here in CA... I'll smack Adam in the head for ya next time I see him, BRO.

cool thanks ghost.they hooked me up good.i have not tryed the split one i have to talk to them about that,you know i like to kick to the head alot.i just got the new grappling mag and it say that maany beat me standing and for all you out there that saw the fight knows i beat him in all departments if he had beaten me in standup why would he have to go for the takedown in the 2nd rd 2 or 3 times.i one rd 1 he knows it and i know .and he won rd 2 for that he kept takeing me down because he did not what to go toe to toe with me.but could not pass my gaurd or hurt me in any way but i did try for subs but i know that they score things differently at kotc no bigge i will be back to fight him again for that terry siad that he wants use to rematch.

thanks chad washburn

congrats chad. hope all is well.

thanks charles all is going great.if you need anything please email me at

hope is all good for you out there.

chad washburn

SPRAWL has done well by many grapplers and fighters... as well as tournaments.

Sprawl has hands down the best Shorts, and now the best grappling tops.

Hell yes Sprawl has great shorts, and Steve is a great guy. TTT

This thread is rife with the correct. Just got my loose fit top, and it's as sweet as the shorts!

Thanks, Sprawl!!

ttt - Sprawl has the best shorts and grappling tops! I never use any tight fight clothing anymore...

Check out the SPRAWL Super Fight between Chris Moriarty and Bill Vucick at the Kumite Classic on Saturday, May 8, 2004.