Thank You Team Jorge Gurgel

Thank you Team Jorge Gurgel! Special thanks to Josh Souder and Ed Wilson! I want to thank you guys for working my corner at the FightFest show in Canton,OH. The camaradarie this Team has is like no other. I am very very fortunate to be a part of something this special. Everyone on this Team is one big family.

Thank you again, it meant a lot to me to have you guys there.

Dan Swift Team Jorge Gurgel

TTT for Jorge and the boys


I just wanted to say congratulations on your win. It was a real pleasure having you at the Hook N Shoot a few weeks ago. Just wanted to say you are a real class act. The following week everyone in Heath Pedigo's class talked about what a gentlemen you were and that we hope you come back to fight in Evansville. If you do just know we will always be cheering you on. You are a true gentlemen and again Congrats on the big win!

Thank you for the support. Heath is an awesome fighter. I had a blast in Evansville. I can't wait to come back. Jeff Osbourne is one of the best promoters out there. It is always a pleasure working with him.


dan get a hold of me I have a WEF june 2 in louisville ky and i have a few spots open.

Congrats Dan!

From Huntington...Ashley Lockwood

Jamie, I will email you.

Ashley, thank you! I miss training with you guys down there:(



another congrats from huntington

Thanks Dustin. Also, thanks for cornering me at the Arnolds. Keep up the hard work. It looks like this may be the year of the Little D.

Nice job Danny Boy!

TTTeam Jorge Gurgel!

Nice win Swifty.

nick is a gimp

Nice to hear from you Scott. I was watching some of the San Sou fights at the Arnolds and it look like you were doing a good job keeping everything moving along. I hope to get down there within the next month. So hopefully I will see you then.

Ronald Mcdojo, i see you joined

It is a cool web site and the MMA Fanasy Leaugue is a lot of fun. I have my own forum on there so check it out and say hi.