Thank you, Tim Shears

Although I didn't compete, you put on a great tournament for local grapplers. Lots of fights. The t-shirts looked cool, and you were a great host. The speech & the shindig after demonstrated how great Vancouver's grappling community is. And I agree 100%: the more tournaments we have locally, the better we all get.


(Rommel from Todd Smith's Club)

"Good times...good times!" -Ronnie Wood

Thanks Rommell, I just got into the gym so I will post the results soon.

The tournament was great Tim. I had a blast!

Look forward to the next one.



Hey Timmy,

Very impressed with your tournament, nice facility, and great group of competitors from all clubs around, keep up the good work. Kinda makes me feel like putting on a Gi again, hmmm..... perhaps not!!