Thank You Tim Shears!

And to all the guys at Gracie Barra in Vancouver for making me feel at home and giving me my fix of grappling over the hollidays. Any and every one of you is welcome in Montreal. I'll make sure to let everybody here at Gamma extend you guys the same respect as you did to me.

Awsome...not a single one of Tim's guy's had a hint of an ego...just pure jiu-jitsu!

Thanks again to all of you!!!

Dave "the Kudabin" Thompson

I had the same experience!!



Hey Dave,

Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed the open mat training. Next time your in town we'll have an actual group class for you to train in. Your BJJ looked real nice. Fabio has developed your game very well.

Say hi to Philip and Fabio for me. Hope to meet you again.

All the best in 2007!

Alright...looking forward to it. I usually make the trip out once or twice a year, so you'll be seing me again.

Take care and may your team prosper in this new year.

p.s. I'll make sure to say hi to both Phil and Fabio.