Thank You to everyone that came

Dear Friends,

I wanted to thank everyone that attended the may 8th and 9th Team Quest Seminar in London, Ontario. Many participants approached me to tell how much they were enjoying themselves, and commented on a job well done. I am very happy about how things turned out, as I haven't had any complaints. Thanks you all for helping make this seminar a success.

Special Thanks to Sponsors and friends that help make this event possible.

My wife to be, Lynne! Without her things wouldn't have run so smoothly. She is the reason I was smiling all weekend. Thank you for your support throughout this whole adventure.

To Lynne's parents, Bob & Iz for preparing Dinner for Randy & Dan and helping with the seminar. My parents Harry & Jo-anne Geris, for supplying the mats and helping with the organizing of the preregistration.

To the guys that helped with the mats, Dougie, Andy, Ryan, Boris, and Bob. I know there were more of you guys, but I not sure of the names.

All these people deserve a big pat on the back for there help as it was because of them that the seminar run smooth.

As long as your dad isn't the one patting me on the back. Last time he did that, he hit me so hard, my left ear swelled up. I honestly think Harry's bashing of my ears is the reason I don't have a girlfriend. Or maybe it is my face??? I'm sure Dougie will have the answer.

The mats weren't too hard to move. One flight of stairs I can handle. It's the two flights at Thames Hall that bug me.

Good job running the seminar. Thank Lynne and her family for me as well.

Marcos helped out with mats too. In all honesty I think I had just as much fun moving the mats as I did working out. That's pretty sad on my part ha ha ha! The guys who were on mat duty made me laugh and were a blast to work with. Andy is right, one flight of stairs is enough. That and having to listen to height jokes all afternoon.

Your Dad is a hell of a funny guy too. I am simply waiting on pictures from your Mom that he promised us for the Canadian UG before we start to tell the stories about you as a kid.

All in all though I had a great time. I don't get out a lot, (I know, hard to believe eh?) so everyone was great to work with. I wish I could have come out with you guys but I just couldn't.

Andy, you have no girlfriend for a reason. Those girls on the tennis court were 15 years old man! 15! Good gosh almighty, I said wait till they're 16. You'd better listen to my advice. I used to own a lot of micheal jackson records so I know what I am talking about there "Billie Jean."

After witnessing the tennis court and cafeteria, I wish I could go back in time (not that far) and transfer to Saunders. The funniest part was Harry pointing out girls for me on the ride home.

Hey, we're all trying to get you a girlfriend so that your face might clear up.

No...wait...that's not're just ugly.


I don't mind being called ugly, but never.....ever claim I have an acne problem. I do look 15, however, so police would never suspect a thing.

So that big ugly thing at the end of your neck isn't a zit but is in reality your head?


It is a light bulb.

Would you two go to sleep already. Dougie - that's the last time I let you have a sleep-over.

My thanks again to Shawn and all his helpers for putting on this event. Thanks for bringing Randy, my hero (he's old, just like me) I've got a whole roll of pictures. I will have to see if I can get the scanner connected. I don't have one of those digital things yet.

Let's make London the future center of MMA in Ontario.

ttt 4 mma in Ontario!